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September 29, 2016

I was pretty nervous and curious about what's going to happen at my first tradeshow. In the end Paris and Premiere Classe - PPC - was in the end a very successful happening. Yes, thank god :)

It already had a good start at the airport. As soon as I was leaving my seat to get out of the plane, someone from behind said my name and it was an old friend of mine. Never happened to me, not even during my travel-the-world trip. Ok, cool. Because I was arriving late in the evening, I felt like I was missing out the big get-together with the other designers for the set-up. "Yeah, kind of." I missed to get my own bubble card.


FOVE at Premiere Classe Tradeshow


The moment I arrived at Porte de Versailles, I was running into my neighbour for the exhibition days - Adi Lev. At the location itself it took me like half an hour to find the right booth, because nobody responsible was speaking english; still. Adi helped me out with her impressions, which made me directly feel comfortable. My Airbnb apartment wasn't bigger than a shoebox, BUT the mattress was perfect for a good night sleep. Although my brain preferred to let in too many thoughts, so the good night sleep was rather a good night rest ;) 


Day one was the strongest day, where I got my first two orders placed. A woman from Beijing, who was really impressed and insisted to get a picture with me taken. "You will be famous" - thank you, this means a lot. And a lovely lady with her mother from Lausanne. They picked a nice selection.


NJAL, Who's next and Premiere Classe invited us afterwards to "our" party. Beside the other selected designers of urban wear, fashion and fame, we were put together with press and buyers. Because of the color of your wrist band you should make an effort to get in contact. So, green was for Buyers - "Sorry to disturb you and cut you out of the conversation you just had, but may I introduce myself..."


FOVE at Premiere Classe Tradeshow


Beside all worries, it was a blast to get to know all the other designers. We were having a really good time; like talking about business and everyones experiences so far. The good thing was, the most of us were from different countries and this made it very interesting. Instead of having competitors, we bound together and supported each others vision. It was well curated and none was the same. At four o'clock it was bubble time; means we had one glass of Champagne, which was for free, if you were the holder of a bubble card. All evenings after the show, we went out to eat something or exploring Paris. I haven't seen the Eiffel Tower though ;)

Please look up all the other designers, I especially adored the raw crafted and minimalistic pieces of Agathe - LLY atelier. I even bought the three-finger ring directly.


FOVE at Premiere Classe


The other days were kind of quiet. It got exciting again as the Jury was showing up. A group of 5 - press, buyers, NJAL, Premiere Classe, Who's Next. As one of the selected labels, we have to be able to communicate our brand image and goals clearly and ultimately, that the quality of creative design and production fits the standard of Who’s Next and Premiere Classe within The Future of Fashion Program

So, please cross your fingers for my nomination to be part of the next edition in January; 5 out of 10 ACC designers will have then the next opportunity to showcase at this event.

I am now waiting for these news and for the third order to get completed!


FOVE at akjumii Store, Munich



For the Launch of the new website and the new collection, we held some events in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. Together with Anna, Michi of akjumii and some bavarian Brotzeit, we had a great time at their beautiful store, located close to Gärtnerplatz.


FOVE at akjumii Store, Munich


I really like the set up. They gave me three of the white wooden boxes to put my jewels on. In combination with the shiny mirrors and the frosted mats it looked very welcoming :) I couln't resist the Brezn with Obatzda and Fleischpflanzerl - as you can see on the picture.


FOVE at Mazooka Store, Berlin



This summer we had another great venue at Mazooka Store in Berlin Mitte. Hanno, the owner, was celebrating his birthday this day and beside customers, a lot of friends came by. 

Some days earlier we decided that FOVE will get the wall as a set up possibility. The geometrical layout of the holes and its little wooden pins to put hangers on, it was a perfect way to get a great overview of the four different lines in the collection - TOKYO - REYKJAVIK - BARCELONA - SAO PAULO - and in between a whole outfit.


FOVE at Open Source Festival, Düsseldorf


As I was already part of the Open Squares at Open Source Festival in 2013, I got the chance again to get my own booth this year. So beside Stabil Elite, Oddisee and Orson, there was some statement jewelry to listen to :) 


Every booth had two blank wooden beer tables and four beer benches. Because I have four lines in my collection the idea came up to locate the tables as a cross with four directions. I did an installation hanging from above. Some call them titties, some call them nipples, others say penis. Glad they liked it. The longest arm was pointing the finger towards the table, wearing the Reykjavik bracelet and the double finger ring.

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