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August 17, 2016

Fove Reyjkavic Ring
Photo credits left: via | right: Jeffrey Campbell
Fove Reykjavic Bracelet
Photo credits left: per temeritas | right: Dimitri Broquard & Bastien Aubry


As you may have recognized, there are four different lines in the collection. Reykjavik is the clean line. I haven't been to Reykjavik, but in my imagination it is pure, not exotic, more cold than warm, no Romanticism in architecture, but very fast forward thinking economic wise.

Why city names? The style of these cities reflects perfectly the character of the jewels. It doesn't mean as a person who has a strong desire to Sao Paulo, isn't the right person to wear a Reykjavik piece. It is just a feeling and emotional placement.

Even though there are four different lines, they still belong together. The structure of the elements is always the same, but the shape itself changes from line to line. This shape you will discover in every piece.


Fove Reyjkavic Necklace
Photo credits left: Étienne Gros | right: Elizabeth Suzann


The elements are silver plated stainless steel tubes. I especially requested them, because they are versatile, beautiful in shape and perfectly for ropes to combine. I already worked with tubes in my recent collections and couldn't let go so far. Haven't found them in other designer collections yet. 

Beside the silver elements, the other important component is the high quality elastic cord. It took me some time to find just any supplier who is manufacturing the requested sizes. For what else would you use this? So I was lucky and they accepted my selected PANTONE colors. There are some other more colorful colors to come.

I love the interaction between the tubes and the elastics. I think they match perfectly. The tube manages the tension of the elastic and never let loose. The outcome design wise is harmonious and elegant. Bold, but relaxed and never too stiff.

Please click here to find out more about Midborg (necklace third picture).


Fove Reykjavic Earring

Photo credits left: MNZ | right: loewe
Fove Reykjavic Necklace 2
Photo credits left: via LA COOL & CHIC | right: via

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