Metallics and Fading Colors

August 09, 2016

FOVE metallics bracelet mood red

FOVE metallics bracelet mood creme

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I am wearing one of the DIY bracelets every day. I am a lucky girl - all the pieces I have just created, I possibly could wear them directly. These days it is the dk grey leather bracelet with the rosé gold clasp. 

More than last year, I wear a lot of denim. Denim is just so comfortable and they fit to every occasion. So that means, that you can wear your jeans with high heels or your denim cropped top with some leather sandals. I often put my denim jackets on top of the jeans I am wearing. It doesn't even matter, if they both a having the same color or washed/worn out character. But it must fit somehow. I like the feature of color fading, when they are getting lighter and lighter from time to time. It absolutely makes sense if you find a great fit, to buy it twice. Some of my favorite pair of jeans got some holes after all these years of wearing. Even the patches didn't work after a while anymore. 

It will never happen again to loose a good fit. 


FOVE metallics bracelet mood green
Photo credits left:  Vans Spring / Summer 2016 | right:  Michael Johansson 
FOVE metallics bracelet mood creme
Photo credits left:  Melissa Sonico | right: Mansur Gavriel


Because the DIY bracelets are having a magnetic stone inside the clasp, it is possible to combine them. The clasp has always the same measures. Let's say I can't decide between two colors, I take both and I am getting out three options of wearing them. Great, isn't it?

If you take a closer look, you will notice the matching overlock stitch at the leather cord. The color is most of the time one or two hues lighter, sometimes darker. So it is visible, but not too dominant. I like simple things, but I also find it quite interesting if there is a little bit more on second sight.


FOVE metallics bracelet mood blue
Photo credits left: " Her” for Coeval Magazine by Theresa Marx | right: via 

FOVE metallics bracelet mood dk grey

Photo credits left: The Modern Bar by Build Inc Architects | right: via


The first time I saw the clasps in the factory, they were too bulky and very short. The proportion didn't fit my demand. I asked, if we can make some adjustments. They agreed. Happy me! The honeycomb craving directly caught me. Great detail, I think. The light always reflects from one of the craved spots and it is not just a plain closure.

You can decide between dominant and smooth colors. I used to wear them beside other finer or braided friendship bracelets, nowadays they are stand alone pieces. But this can change in future soon again. Maybe because it is summer and I don't need so much decoration.


FOVE metallics bracelet mood silver
Photo credits left: unknown | right: Wrap-Front Denim Skirt
FOVE metallics bracelet mood purple
Photo credits left: via  LISA SAYS GAH | right: unknown

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