November 01, 2016


Hello Now - Good Bye Past
Since weeks I am trying to tell myself that christmas is still far away and that the late summer days aren't over yet. "Good for you", right!? Now I start realising that there are only 7 weeks to go. Another year, done. Years are running this quick since I became 30 years old. What have I done different the years before!? Well, I know what changed: I now make decisions towards myself. And becoming more the person I want to be, is time consuming. This often happens hidden and without any attention.


The year of 2016 was all about transforming and accepting challenges. Step by step my life got more lightweight. As I can see now the results of letting go and cutting loose, it empowers! So there happened a lot personally and I am really grateful. I hope you can say the same.




Roisin Murphy is my personal role model. I love her style, her attitude, way of thinking and her music of course. And if there would be only one wish on top of all great things I experienced so far, I would ask for Roisin to wear one of my jewels. I keep on believing in this to happen :)


Open Studio Days
To have a look at the present collection in person, I want to invite you to the Open Studio Days at Mainzer 58 in Berlin, Neukölln. My talented, creative studio mates and me, we offer you some amazing fashion, jewellery, illustration and much more. Swing by for some Glühwein, Plätzchen and Quality Time. Open two days this november, saturday and sunday. Looking forward to it, see you there! 




The DIY story
I came up with some videos about the DIY's lately. How to pack them and how to mix them. Because of the magnetics, it is very easy to get additional styles. Some magical moments :) Click on the link - here for video 1 and here for video 2 - sorry, for facebook users only :/ 
To be continued...



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