An AMD Fashion and Design graduate and former fashion designer for Peek & Cloppenburg and Esprit, Frederica now reflects her creativity and emotions in an own jewelry label and collection that is „far more than love“ FOVE (fav) - she chose uncertainty.

Founded in Düsseldorf in 2012, the label quickly moved to the vibrant city Berlin and directly earned more visibility. After three collections the label got selected by and Who’s Next as one out of five designers who where able to participate at the famous trade show ‚Premiere Classe‘ in Paris and got the chance to showcase their collection to a group of experts and buyers from around the world.

As it is Frederica’s nature with her interest in new materials and design, she taught herself silversmith techniques. The latest collection is handmade in the new Co-Studio in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. Anticipation and satisfaction are the leading emotions she now knows to enjoy during her creative process. She calls herself an aesthetic pioneer.


Frederica Prock Jewellery Designer