With IAM, Frederica has found her ultimate expression. All the pieces in her collection are a reflection of relationships: They highlight the links between the elements, but also between the jewellery and its wearer. Here, everything is part of something else, of something larger – nothing and nobody remains on their own. It’s all about being dependable and having each other’s back.

For the designer, now in her mid-30s, this is an emotional concept rooted in growth, self-respect and confidence. What matters is being part of a greater whole, a greater good even, while not losing sight of oneself. This sense of unity and focused strength, this undivided pursuit of one’s own path, has shaped the entire collection.

To transport this vision on set, Frederica decided to present the jewellery in the most personal and authentic way possible. Instead of using immaculate models, who project a sense of make-belief, it is friends who reveal what’s truly personal. After all, they embody the spirit of Fove: trust, team spirit, self-awareness. So, Frederica simply raided their wardrobes, left all the furniture in place and then captured her friends in their favourite familiar surroundings – using a self-timer for ultimate freedom of self-expression.