Sizes & Care


Please note that we take good care of our crafting, but still sizes can slightly vary.
For special sizes or lengths please contact our customer service at

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver consists of 92.5 % pure silver and the rest is other metals, typically copper. Pure silver is too soft and weak to make jewelry and therefore, other metals (7.5%) are added to improve to the quality.


All products have its origin in Berlin, Germany. Every single piece was created with love and care in our studio in Neukölln. With normal wear and in order to keep our jewellery looking good and enjoy it as long as possible, proper care and storing will be required.

Please avoid contact with makeup, perfume or other liquids to protect the item.

For cleaning we recommend to use a soft, slightly damp or a microfibre cloth.


How do I clean an oxidized (black tinge) sterling silver jewelry?

925 silver oxidizes when it is exposed to air, this is the main reason why silver jewelry tarnishes over time.

1. A sterling silver cleaning cloth can be a good solution, if the oxidation is not too bad.
2. Any silver cleaning paste/liquid will also clean the oxidation.
3. Baking soda, aluminum foil and boiled water - can do magic with sterling. Here are two short videos that demonstrate how it works. (It is not recommended to do if the oxidation is part of the texture/ design of the jewelry as it will come off) :